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How do you truly achieve brand romance?

We combine expertise in consumer insight generation with significant brand management experience. Our proprietary process provides consumer insights grounded in brand strategy and enables brands to evolve their marketing activities to focus on their consumer relationships.

Brand Illumination is a dynamic company that truly gets to the heart of brands and consumers by understanding and growing their relationships. Built upon the theories espoused in President and founder Tim Halloran’s book, Romancing the Brand, our ultimate goal is to create a romance between consumer and brand.

Our philosophy is simple. Brands begin and end with the end user (often referred to as the consumer). While the brand may work to position itself to the consumer, at the end of the day, consumers’ perceptions, attitudes, and needs ultimately drives their relationship with the brand. Therefore, it is critical for us to understand our consumer’s needs, wants, and beliefs in a deeper way.  Only then will we be able to develop the ideal brand proposition and position the brand to address both consumer functional and emotional desires in a way that is appealing to their personalities. It is by this method that we will truly achieve a brand-consumer romance.

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